A new homeland

A chance for a new life


Manifesto of New Rhodesia


§1 We will create an independent state where the true spirit of western civilization can live on.


§2 We will dispose of the weaknesses that are destroying our civilization.


§3 We will live in peace with our the neighboring people, treating them fairly.


§4 Every man, woman, and child should be allowed the means to defend themselves.


§5 We will educate our young to become clever leaders, loving mothers, brave soldiers, and farmers.


§6 We will reignite the flame of mankind and create a foundation that one day will lead us to the stars and beyond.


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Time until the first team of pioneers will arrive

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Do you wish to fight for New Rhodesia?

  • All new citizens will be granted four acres of clean, habitable land.
  • All new citizens must complete a mandatory 5 years of military service
  • All new citizens must be dedicated to our cause and ready to bear heavy burdens.
Then join our struggle today!
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