Update 24-06-2017 Where are we, and what need to be done.


-We added a news blog

-We have almost finished our basic planning

Next update

-A date when the white paper will be released

-Plan for the mass mobilization of our mission









We are still going to continue with our mission, and we will post updates every week!!

The news blog, was made too keep everybody updated about our mission.

We are going to focus on getting a white paper out about the mission, and how we are going too make this happen.

The white paper is scheduled to be finished somewhere in July, we will write about it in next update.

We will have no discord chat, and all communication are done by email.

This is done for safety reasons, and not something we will argue about.

We have almost finished the most basic planning, and we are going too focus more on recruiting and media when the white paper is finished.

Next update will be seven days from now





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Just discovered your website–I am very interested in your project and would like to receive email updates as your work progresses

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