About New Rhodesia


About New Rhodesia

New Rhodesia will be a beacon of light for all new generations to come.

New Rhodesia will be a state that will carry on the spirit of western civilization.

We will carry on the legacy that our forefathers has put on our shoulders, the legacy that has been forgotten in many years.

The legacy of mankind

New Rhodesia will bring the best values of mankind forward, creating a foundation that one day will bring mankind to great accomplishments.

New Rhodesia does not promise you wealth

New Rhodesia does not promise you power

New Rhodesia does not promise you a happy life

But at least New Rhodesia promise you a chance for fighting for something true.

Small groups of men can change this world, and we are gonna change this world or die trying.

We prefer action over corrupt diplomacy, as we always will.






Q: How will New Rhodesia protect itself against attacks from warlords or governments?


A: Every citizen of New Rhodesia will be armed and trained. We will protect our borders fiercy and no land-seeking warlord will take a millimeter of it. The area we have chosen is distant from any villages, ergo civilization. I will not lie- at first, the going will be rough, but we will prevail. Any nearby government officials are a non-issue.




Q: Do you plan to invade the neighboring countries?


A: No. We hope and believe that any and all neighbors will be allies.




Q: Why have you chosen The Democratic Republic Of Congo as the place?


A: Because the DRC has vast swathes of uninhabited land. The Kinshasa government is small and only holds influence in Kinshasa itself. There’s also a large minority of whites in DRC who we would welcome with open arms.


There is also living 20000 of European ancestry in DRC, and we would take them in with open arms.




Q: Why did you choose New Rhodesia as the name for your nation?


A: Because Rhodesia was a near-perfect state. We are aiming for a state that will look and act like a new Rhodesia, hence the name




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